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First we bring Bitcoin closer to businesses & customers. Now our Bitcoin Retailer Directory, directly connects customers with businesses who support Bitcoin

Join the growing number of Shops, Businesses, & Service providers accepting Bitcoin for goods & services right across the UK.

Sidewalk Bitcoin is committed to enabling Bitcoin use & access. All businesses supporting the Bitcoin space are welcome to list themselves free of charge. Optional paid additions for increased impact or exposure are available when you construct your listing.

We want to create and maintain a trustworthy, exhaustive directory, becoming the UK Bitcoiners go-to place to spend their Bitcoin & promoting those Businesses who support the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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  • Free (voluntary donation)  Extensive & Attractive
  • Fully Automated listing submission. Build, submit, pay (where necessary) or edit your listing 24/7 
  • Listing appears immediately. Your listing is published immediately however is marked for review
  • Construct your listing. Complete control of your listing from start to finish. Choose only the elements you require.
  • Create Impact. Add images, video, maps & more
  • Control Duration. Choose the length of time your listing is shown.
  • Listing owner biography option
  • Link listing directly to your website or any url you choose
  • Appeal directly to your market with no” noise”
  • Quick & easy set-up and submission
  • Pay In Sats. Use Bitcoin to buy your extras


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