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We work to develop and grow the cryptocurrency eco-system through events, education and projects, we hope to blend cryptocurrencies seamlessly into everyday life. We are no experts, entrepreneurs or influencers just enthusiasts!

Adams first crypto focused business dates back to 2012 and his list of projects and collaborations slowly grew, the resources of all of Adams projects were combined in 2015 and CryptoBatesGroup was born. Under one roof we quickly expanded, holding advisory roles and collaborating with projects all over the world.

CryptoBatesGroup projects include

The Sound of Bitcoin – Listen and decode the sounds to claim the #bitcoin
. Priv keys are unencrypted WIF Compressed 52 characters base58 unless otherwise stated

Crypto Art Events – Bringing together Crypto artists from around the world
Checkout our Meet The Artist events, live-streamed into Decentraland and now available on Vimeo

CBG Virtual Events – Our event space hosts a Speaker Hall, Exhibition Hall, Crypto Art Gallery, Hangout area and VIP area. In the space you also have the chance to listen to the awesome music of CryptoRaptor via our own Jukebox, take part in our Sound of Bitcoin project and find hidden treasure (Which will lead to free crypto!).

CoinfestUK – CoinFestUK is a free to attend event founded in 2015 with its first UK event taking place in April 2016. Our goal is to bring together the crypto community from around the world, get them engaged and sharing knowledge and experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

Crypto Cloud Hosting – Dedicated website hosting, accepting a range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Digibyte and Doge
Founded in 2013 CryptoCloudhosting provides customisable dedicated website hosting which is delivered to you via our custom control panel and powered by several multi-homed autonomous systems. We offer a range of hosting packages but are flexible to your custom requirements.

Tre Amici Pizzeria
NFT Artwork Encoded NFT Rings
Pixel8 NFT Project
Puzzling NFT
Crypto Arcade-Game Machines
CO-Hosts of the Crypto Cup
CBE Social Event Tokens
Crypto Adoption Framework
Co-Hosts BitBrighton
Co-Hosts BitBrum
Crypto Give-Aways Faucet
BTC Registry
VPS Hosting Services
Part of Coindex LTD
ESL Coin
Bitcoin Physical Ticker
Bitcoin Encoded Posters
We also host a variety of Bitcoin & Crypto Meetings

Partnerships, Sponsorships & Collaborations include

Portsmouth Crypto
Mining Pool Setup/Configuration/Tweaking
Inflation Coin
DataCoin Project
Fail Coin
IDAF 2018 – International Digital Art Festival
Blockchainers Organisation
Manchester Food Bank

Proud to be based in Manchester, UK.

Accepts Credit Cards
Accepts Bitcoin
Buys Bitcon
Sells Bitcoin
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